OMANwhite `124; t-shirt

Color: Dark gray
Spedizione veloce in 2-3 giorni, Garanzia 100%, soddisfatti o rimborsati
Pagamento anche alla consegna, 100% acquisti sicuri

The symbol of the OMAN Sultanate, the Khanjar, the most ambitious and rare graphic of sports watches donated by the Sultan Qaboos as a state gift during political meetings or high military posts worthy of this gift, between the 1970's and 1995's

The paintings were printed by ASPREY, a London dealer for important brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, since OMAN had no official dealerships and the sultan had excellent relations with the United Kingdom.

the white of this Khanjar is a symbol of peace and prosperity, a color also present in the flag of the OMAN

Hand-printed with the technique of hot impression on T-SHIRT in 100% ORGANIC cotton 1244; BIOLOGICAL, hand-sewn label.

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